Dcrae has just released his latest track ‘Mama’. Written about his late mother, the Australian rapper wears his heart on his sleeve in this powerful and thought provoking new single.

Dcrae is an emerging rapper and songwriter from Australia, who suffered a particular tough start in life, losing his mother in 2007 when he was just 16. He writes authentic and honest music, inspired by his hero Tupac and the situations he has faced, he hopes to spread his story worldwide and encourage listeners to be themselves and overcome their own challenges.

‘Mama’ is written as a tribute to Dcrae’s mother, echoing Tupac’s ‘Dear Mama’, with a sleek, modern production style. His vocals are smooth and flowing, while his lyrics are truthful and eloquent in their delivery. The single paints a powerful picture of what is like to lose someone and is sure to connect with listeners all around the world.

Having already secured radio play, ‘Mama’ is making a lasting impression on many listeners. With an album in the works, Dcrae has cemented himself as one to watch this year.

George Millington