‘Still Alive’ by Demi Lovato – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★

It’s fair to say that Demi Lovato has had quite a few demons to deal with recently. But, her output across her relatively short career is simply outstanding. 24 million records sold in the U.S alone, five UK top ten albums, six UK top ten singles and a UK number one single with Clean Bandit. Sometimes it’s better to focus on the music and the art.

‘Still Alive’ is Lovato’s first new release since her 2022 album ‘Holy Fvck’. It appears to be the lead single from the upcoming Scream 6 movie.

Mike Shinoda

Co-written and produced with Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park, this punk-pop track has Shinoda’s Linkin Park’s vibes and sound all over it, which is no bad thing,

Distorted guitar power chords, handclaps, with double tracked guitars on the chorus are the order of the day here, accompanied by Lovato’s signature voice which is double and sometimes triple tracked at times throughout the song. Think a mix of Pink, Republica and Linkin Park – and you will be halfway there to figuring out how ‘Still Alive’ will sound before you actually hear it.

Demi Lovato has to be commended again as a vocalist on this song, however. Her vocal range is immense, and her third vocal track harmony really stands out on this one.

1996 was the year that ‘Scream’ first hit the big screen. This particular writer can still remember that heady time of teenage angst – what a movie that was. Younger readers won’t be able to comprehend how big a star Neve Campbell was in that first ‘Scream’ movie. Responsible for many a teenage crush back in the nineties.

It’s hard to imagine a scarier baddy than ‘Ghostface’. He regularly pops up in Demi Lovato’s slick video to ‘Still Alive’, which is spliced with scenes from the sixth film. (And yes, Courtney Cox is still in it).

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