Doja Cat, the multifaceted rapper and singer, has taken to social media to address the persistent commentary surrounding her natural hair. The “Paint the Town Red” artist expressed her frustration over the barrage of comments questioning and even ridiculing the texture of her hair.

In a candid Instagram Live session, the 28-year-old star highlighted the disturbing trend she’s been noticing in her comments section. “I’m seeing a pattern. I’m seeing a consistent pattern in my comments section of people saying is my hair pubic hair, is it carpet or is it sheep’s wool,” she shared.

The catalyst for this discussion seems to have been the release of a sneak peek of the album cover for her upcoming single, “Masc,” which prominently features her bleached blonde hair in a close-up shot.

Doja Cat recounted how some commenters had crossed the line, comparing her tightly coiled curls to various objects including sheep’s wool, pubic hair, carpet, and even popcorn. The unwarranted scrutiny of her natural hair left the artist feeling understandably frustrated.

In a plea for understanding and growth from her fanbase, Doja urged her followers to move beyond such superficial criticisms. “And it’s not even questions… some people are being like, that’s what it is,” she stated firmly, indicating the hurtful nature of these comments.

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George Millington