‘One Kiss’ singer, Dua Lipa has recently stated that she just wants to have ‘fun’ on her new album. Furthermore, she has teased that the album is going to be about ‘enjoying’ life and not being too solemn. This comes after Dua admitted that she does not take herself ‘too seriously’. However she is aware that she wants to put across the ‘right’ message to her global fan base.

Furthermore, in a recent interview at ILMC in London she made the following statement about her new album.

“It’s going well, I’m really excited. Obviously it’s scary because it’s the second album, but I don’t want to take myself too seriously, I want to have fun. That’s what music, to me, is about. As well as getting a message across that is important, it’s also a lot about enjoying yourself and that’s what I’ve done.”

The interview also revealed that Lipa has a whopping “26 songs” ready for the record.

Moreover, she went on to say.

“Now that I’ve toured and felt that live environment, I make everything with that in mind. This album, I guess, is a bit more conceptual, but if I told you the concept then I’d have to tell you the album title. But in that world I’m really thinking about the live show and something new and something different. Hopefully now I’ll get to do shows that are a bit bigger and stages that are a bit bigger and we’ll get to play around a bit more with that.”

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