Brit award winner ‘Dua Lipa’ has called out all social media hypocrites. Furthermore, she expresses her concerns to those who fail to support woman’s rights online and offline.

She reveals this during an interview Dua Lipa with British news channel ‘ITV News’.

The ‘One Kiss’ singer said: “It feels like out in the open we’re very much pro-women, supporting each other, looking after each other, sisterhood, and then there’s kind of a darker side when you go on social media,” Lipa says.

“It feels like the same people that are preaching for all this equality and looking after each other it doesn’t feel so equal online.

“It always feels like because people can hide behind a computer screen they can also say whatever they want.”

“It’s quite upsetting because why can’t we? As female artists, when we start something in our careers we want longevity. We don’t want ageing to be the reason we stop working or people stop being interested in us. We still have a lot to say and we still have a lot to bring to the table.

“I think it’s a lot to do with the conversations that are being made on social media.”

She then went on to admit that even she does not always get things right.

“I will do whatever is in my ability to be able to do what’s right but at the same time I’m also learning and I’m not perfect,”

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