Is Nicki Minaj ready to start her own family?

Recent footage from the Minaj camp indicates that she could indeed be looking to start her own family and ‘Risk It All’. This has all come to light since a recent visit to a TIDAL office in Norway while on her ‘Nicki WRLD Tour’.

Minaj shared video footage of her visit on her official Instagram account where she says, “I can’t wait for us to be a lot broader and expand and I know that we’ll do that. Just be positive and all that stuff.”

However, a striking moment is when the global rapper sees a baby in the crowd. Furthermore, Minaj asks the woman holding him, “You brought your baby to work?”. This sends everyone into laughter.

The woman responds, “Yes.”

Minaj is then seen to approach the baby and tells the lady, “I’m obsessed with babies. Obsessed.”

Moreover, the video caption states that Minaj is ready to ‘Risk It All’. The caption reads “Stopped by the @tidalheadquarters in Norway yesterday & it was worth every second. I wanted to hold the baby so bad but I was afraid to ask ?? little cutie omg ???? #CanThisPassForMyChild???‍♀️ when you’re contemplating taking the baby & risking it all”

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George Millington