Ed Sheeran is probably one of the most talked-about people in his neighbourhood. Not, just because of his celebrity status but also because he is always doing something to make them complain. But, he has found a genius way to stop the nagging.

Furthermore, the singer can quickly stop the complaints of his close neighbours by merely buying their houses. Today, we can reveal that the ‘Shape Of You’ singer wants to purchase three homes around his Suffolk mansion. It is an ingenious method for him.

Property Portfolio

He is quickly building his home portfolio with many claiming he is turning his area into ‘Sheeranville’. Also; I am sure many of his other neighbours in the village will have something to say about it, especially since he is taking over. Mind you; it is good news for any homeowners who live close to him who are thinking of selling their house. Why? Because Ed Sheeran will most likely snatch it up quickly.

Also, Ed’s wife has recently left her job in the city to concentrate on growing fruit and veg. Therefore, the more land, the better for her new hobby. It could be one of the influences behind Ed’s decision to expand his stretch. Also, the homes he wishes to purchase have massive gardens, and they are slap bang in the middle of his estate; therefore, it makes sense for him to try to occupy them. But, will the owners sell them to him? Who knows. But, I am sure he will be willing to offer a hefty amount for them given his massive 200 million pound net worth.

What are your thoughts to Ed Sheeran growing his estate by buying more houses? Do you think he needs to? After all, his mansion is massive as it is anyway. Please have your say by leaving a comment on our social media accounts.

George Millington