Elton John will be hanging up his touring outfits soon. But, not as soon as he or the rest of us would have predicted previously.

Furthermore, the iconic singer who found fame in the 1970s had previously stated that he is going to retire. But, only after he has completed a 3-year farewell tour.

Sadly, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, his plans have not unfolded quite as he would have hoped. The lockdown period and the social distancing measures have put the brakes on his jet. Nevertheless, presuming that gigs get back on track, he will be picking up where he left off next year.

Moreover, his ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour’ will resume in Europe on the 1st of September in Berlin. He will then be making his way over to the UK on the 30th of October for the UK leg. His first UK show will get underway in Manchester.

Speaking about the new schedule, Elton expressed how much it breaks his heart to have to put it all back.

Elton John Statement

“To All My Dedicated Fans,

Rescheduling my concerts is never a decision taken lightly, but my priority is always the safety of all parties, including my tour crew, the venue staff, and of course you, my amazing fans.

It breaks my heart that we have had to reschedule the 2020 dates we were all looking forward to so much, but my team and I have been working diligently on rescheduled plans for 2021.

As you can imagine, touring is a huge undertaking so we have needed time to sort through all the details to make sure we can visit every city and play every show we already have on sale. Thank you for your patience whilst we have been doing this.

I look forward to continuing the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour next year and seeing you by my side once again, as you have been for so many years throughout my blessed career.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.”

George Millington