Ed Sheeran just got even more generous. He has just given a whopping £1 million to charities near his Suffolk home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pretty legendary if you ask me. It all comes after he and other huge megastars got a bit of stick for not providing more help to the likes of charities and the NHS.

Well, naysayers, you cannot complain any more because Ed has risen to the occasion with his massive contribution. Furthermore, the staggering amount will help support his local community through these unprecedented times.


Also, he is not just helping out charities, but he is also providing his staff at his pubs and restaurants with full salaries regardless of them not being able to work due to closures. Mind you; the singer is worth more than £200 million. Therefore, we doubt this is going to damage his pocket too much.

Apart from being a hero without a cape, what else has the ‘Castle On The Hill’ singer been doing recently? Well, like everybody else he is stuck at home in lockdown waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to pass. He is also most probably walking around his magnificent property looking at ways he can annoy his neighbours with new additions like swimming pools and football pitches.

But, he is also spending time concentrating on new music. Close sources are telling us that he is writing at least one song every day. Can you imagine how many songs he is going to have by the end of this crisis? We are all going to be in for a treat if the rumours are true.

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Emily Harris