Dua Lipa is everywhere at the moment. If she is not releasing new music, then she is on an advert promoting some new fragrance. But one place you will not catch much of her is on Twitter. Furthermore, the megastar has indicated that the site is bad for her mental health.

I am surprised it has taken her this long to figure that out. After all, let’s face it, with the number of trolls and keyboard warriors who lurk around the giant social media app, I doubt it is a suitable place for a celebrity who is vulnerable to mental health problems. I do not think any social media account is genuinely safe from hate or negative comments, but sites like Twitter are up there with the worst for sure.


Speaking about the revelation, the ‘One Kiss’ singer said that she feels as though she is writing a blog on Instagram and she does not feel the same with tweets. Therefore, when tweeting, she generally spends a lot of time reading through the comments and checking what everyone is saying. NO NO, NO! Do not do that Dua. Please, someone, call her advisors and tell them to keep Lipa away from trolls.

Also, the star believes that social media, in general, should have more regulations. Moreover, she reckons more needs to happen to tackle cyberbullying. She does have a point, but it is not an easy problem to fix. After all, how can social media check every single post or comment which goes out? They rely heavily on the report feature, but it appears that barely anyone uses it to notify of bullying. Maybe, we should be encouraging that more?

What are your thoughts to social media sites like Twitter? Do you think more needs to happen to fix cyberbullying?

George Millington