Ed Sheeran is usually making the headlines for either his sell-out shows, popular releases or his goodwill. But, today he is making the front pages due to him having yet more problems with his neighbours.

The ‘Shape Of You’ singer has been having a long-running battle with the neighbours of his Suffolk mansion. Last year, we almost ran out of paper due to the number of words we wrote about his ongoing feud with the locals. He had an issue with his neighbours believing he was setting up a swimming pool in his garden. But, it actually is just a large pond. His neighbours also had beef with him putting up a bar sign.

But, the roles are reversing now. It is after Ed objects to his neighbour having a garden extension next to his almost 4 million pound estate. Nevertheless, we can reveal today that the global pop star has lost his case. Furthermore, his neighbour ‘Tony Robison’ (No, not the chap off Time Team) has won the battle to extend his garden. The extension will run alongside the pop stars land. Personally, it sounds to me like there is too much land involved here. It is a battle of turf at the moment, and it would not surprise me if they are all out in their gardens with a big cane-like Gandalf ‘You shall not pass’.

Ed Sheeran Letter To Council

Writing on behalf of Ed, Paul Smith wrote to the council stating that the development would extend the village in an unplanned and artificial way and also that it would ruin the character of the surroundings’. But, planners have come together and decided that they disagree with the statement. As a result, they are giving Tony the go ahead with his plans.

But, look on the bright side Ed, if you want to make more home improvements, they cannot throw as much as a stink as last time now, right?

George Millington