We write about legends every day. But, it is not often we write about a legendary gent quite as inspirational as Captain Tom Moore. The soon to be centurion has raised over £28 million for the NHS in the UK. But to make it even more spectacular. He has done it all on his own and within a matter of weeks. Therefore, let’s get captain Tom Moore to number one.

It all came about when he carried out 100 laps of his home to help raise funds for the health service during COVID-19. As a result, he deserves heaps amount of credit for his work. What better way to show our support by getting him to number one on the official charts?

Well, he is getting closer by the day to clenching his first number one. However, the competition is heating up as The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ is catching up to Michael Ball and Captain Tom Moore’s single ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. Yes, ‘Blinding Lights’ is a great track, but The Weeknd already has a considerable number of number ones under his belt.


You can help make history by streaming the track and purchasing the single too. But, we have to be quick because the cut off for this weeks chart is Thursday 23rd April. Therefore, while you are at home today wondering what to do, get streaming the former tank commanders track. He deserves it just as much if not more than anybody else who has graced the official chart. We are right behind the record and will be keeping a close eye on the chart as it progresses throughout the week. Lets hope, we will be writing a celebratory post in the coming days. After all, Tom turns 100 very soon, what a great birthday present this will be.

Let’s get captain Tom Moore to number one. Will you be helping?

George Millington