Yeah, you heard it right. First, it was the neighbours who were giving him a hard time. Now, it appears Ed is having a rough time with foxes too.

The singer who recently donated massive amounts of cash to help with COVID-19 is having a tricky time preventing his chickens being taken from him by foxes. The chickens which provide him and his partner with fresh eggs are declining in recent weeks due to a pesky fox loitering his grounds and killing his beloved stock.

Due to the recent attacks, the singer has had to make sure that his coup is doubly secure. Especially to stop the fluffy reddish-brown animal taking any more of his chickens. A close source recently spoke about the incident, they said that the ‘Shape Of You’ star has lost several in recent weeks and that replacing them is proving very difficult too, especially since the country is still in lockdown.


All of this has happened at his almost 4 million pound estate in Suffolk. It also comes after a long going feud with his neighbours. He most recently lost a legal case with a close neighbour in which his neighbour wants to extend his garden which directly sits outside of the star’s property. Therefore, this is just another kick in the teeth for the singer who is having countless problems at home. Also, only last year his neighbours objected to the majority of his home improvement plans.

By sounds of it, they all have it in for him in and around his mansion. Now even the foxes are joining in to make his life a misery. Nevertheless, I am sure he has plans in place to keep out the troublesome animals and the fox too.

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George Millington