New music is coming at us at all angles at the moment. Although many famous names have postponed music due to the COVID-19 pandemic, luckily we are still being fed heaps of quality tracks. Therefore, if you are stuck at home in lockdown twiddling your thumbs, you should be checking out these hot releases which we have found.

Milky Chance And Jack Johnson

The first release which is grabbing our attention is the new track from Milky Chance and Jack Johnson. A bizarre collab but a collaboration which works wonderfully. The new record ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ is a feel-good gem which contains a melody which will get stuck in your mind from the first listen. The track as a whole is hugely likeable and has all the elements for the hazy mornings waking up in self-isolation.


Another new track which is exciting the GSGM camp is ‘I Know Alone’ by HAIM. We have been following the group’s journey from the beginning, and they have grown into a band which regularly drops bangers. Their new release is no exception. Possibly their best yet with catchy hooks and awe-inspiring vocals.


You should also check out the new track from Oasis. It is not only a release for die-hard oasis fans. It is hugely prevalent for the times we are going through, and we hear Noel Gallagher at his best. Also, what makes it even crazier, is that it was only a demo and had been sitting in Noel Gallagher’s wardrobe for the last 15 years.

Machine Gun Kelly

Finally, the latest offering from Machine Gun Kelly deserves a listen too. Travis Barker produces it, and it contains all the elements of a quality track. You will definitely like this if you want to hear rock unite with rap.

So, stay at home and enjoy. Also, let us know what you are listening to at the moment.

George Millington