Ed Sheeran is not only keeping himself busy during lockdown by donating to charities. But, he is spreading joy to primary school kids too.

Furthermore, the ‘Castle On The Hill’ hitmaker put together a virtual music lesson for children at Ecclesbourne Primary School in London. Teaming up with music director at the school, Timothy Spoerer, the star put together a guitar lesson for some of his biggest tracks including the hugely popular ‘Perfect’.

Wow, what a time we are living through at the moment. Yes, there is doom and gloom in most corners of the globe. But, it is great to hear musicians are using their status to spread joy. Also, how great would it be to be one of those kids who were lucky enough to participate in the lesson? They are surely going to remember that for the rest of their lives. I certainly would.

The lesson was all carried out virtually on the Zoom app. Also, Ed did not just show them how to play his discography. But he also undertook a question and answer session too and spent time reflecting on his time at school too. Sheeran said he was not very smart at school, and he also stated that he believed he was an idiot for a very long time. He could not do Maths, Science or English, and he makes a point that many would tell him that without those skills, he would fail in life. Well, for his ex-teachers who are watching him now, who had the last laugh, eh?

New Music

Also, on top of his goodwill, he gave us a clear insight into his new music plans. He states that he needs some time out to rest. As a result, he will not be releasing any new music anytime soon. But, do not fret, because our sources indicate that he is continuously working on new material.

George Millington