It is not rare to find a conspiracy theory these days. Every topic or event which happens seems to gain some speculation. However, it is surprising to hear Wiley claim that Coronavirus is a depopulation tactic set up by someone ‘high up’.

I mean, everybody can have their opinion, but this is baffling. A depopulation strategy aim would be to reduce the number of heads to improve the economy, right? Well, considering Covid-19 is one of the most significant blows to the global economy in recent times, I doubt this theory is anywhere near accurate.

Speaking about his claim, Wiley says that ‘The virus seems like a business’ and that the outbreak of the virus appears to be a form of ‘Modern Warfare’. Sorry, Wiley, but this is crazy. Why would a country like china want to spread a global pandemic affecting its economy in the first place? After all, China is one of the biggest global exports; therefore, it would surely sting them on their foot.


For me, the Coronavirus is not a deliberate virus. I am not saying that more measures could have been in place to prevent its global reach, but the thought of it being set up by someone to reduce the population is beyond madness.

He also went on to say “One day I said to someone, ‘Would there be a World War 3?’ and they said, ‘There could be, but it would be modern warfare.’

“If China and America had a war, it wouldn’t be physically, ‘I’m in America bombing you on a plane’, it might not be that.”

Regardless of his bold claims, the Coronavirus is very much real and affecting the entire world. Therefore, we all must stick together and follow official guidance.

What are your thoughts to Wiley’s claims? Let us know.

Emily Harris