Rock fans from yesteryear will be head over heels this morning with the return of Evanescence and their new track ‘Yeah Right‘.

I still remember getting the American groups album back in 2003 for my 12th Birthday (Pretty good music taste for a young bopper, right?). It was all about CD’s back then, and I think I burnt the CD out from playing it too much. Since then, I have to be honest, I have rarely delved into their space; however, they have me hooked once again with this new gem.

Amy Lee

Yeah Right‘ is everything which you would expect from the group. The music is just as omnipotent as I remember, and the guitar riffs leap out with conviction, and the metal-esque drum beat makes us cling on for dear life. But, the main talking point is the piercing vocal from frontwoman, Amy Lee.

Amy, can do no wrong in my eyes. Her vocal drips with confidence and her power drives the track forward with memorably quality. Also, she proves that she has still got it! So much so, she sounds just as good now as she ever has done, if not better.

Also, the band stay true to their signature qualities. Moreover, the track regularly picks up with pace before gently taking us down to earth with a solo vocal and piano arrangement often taking the focal position. I am sure any Evanescence fan will remember how well they do this? It is no exception here.

Lastly, I cannot help but gravitate towards Amy’s catchy hooks. Especially, within the chorus, “Yeah, right, that sounds nice, everything we ever wanted”. Ask me what the meaning is? I have no idea, but it appears they want to get paid without selling their soul.

You can take a listen to ‘Yeah Right‘ below.

Emily Harris