• Artist: Hozier
  • Title: Too Sweet
  • Release Type: Single
  • Release: 22/03/24
  • IZILION Rating: ★★★★☆

Irish solo artist Hozier made his breakthrough into the mainstream with his debut single ‘Take Me to Church’ in 2014. The track took him from recording in his parents’ house to reaching the 98th position among Spotify’s top 100 artists.

Although fans received his album ‘Wasteland, Baby!’ in 2019, they endured a four-year wait for Hozier’s newest album eagerly anticipating his new music, which came with ‘Unreal Earth,’ in 2023. Unexpectedly, Hozier has released a new four-track EP, clocking in at around fourteen minutes.

The tracks showcase a blend of rock ballads that are less assertive compared to the energetic vocals and beats characteristic of Hozier’s previous work. The opening track of ‘Unheard,’ titled ‘Too Sweet,’ places heavy emphasis on Hozier’s lyricism, revisiting his favoured themes of love and relationships.


In this track, Hozier explores the contrasting lifestyles of himself and his partner. Through juxtapositions of night and day, sweet wine, and black coffee, he portrays the rockstar lifestyle he leads with late nights and neat whiskey, one that he appears content with and unwilling to relinquish even in the face of his partners cleaner life.

Musically, the track adopts a soft rock style that complements Hozier’s baritone voice seamlessly. Also, the prominent focus on the simplistic melody of the distorted guitar grounds the track. Moreover, it allows Hozier’s voice to imbue it with vibrant ambiance and fullness, an impressive feat.

‘Too Sweet’ serves as a gateway into an EP that echoes the classic Hozier sound throughout, delighting fans with its familiarity and showcasing Hozier’s continued artistic evolution.

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