Band Everything To Nothing, has created the stunning new single, ‘Ten Years’, packed full of emotive and powerful structure, with waves of sound that flesh out the whole track from start to finish.

After a slight techno intro, then follows a searing bit of guitar to ramp up the oncoming passionate vocals which are cast over and under by thumping drums punctuating the background. Think a more ardent version of Nickelback here, rugged and fast timing then slowed for great effect, easy to attach to with giant vocalese to guide the song through.

There is a lyrically strong storyline that is affecting and finds you at heart level, navigating the entirety of the song. And, the clever and constant tempo changes are a notable fixture in the track which are ably enhanced by the echo and slight reverb that adds a dreamy quality in places.

‘Sun always sets on the east side, and I’ll always know you were miles away’- sung all in chorus which portrays the intended broken feeling and timbre of the song that underlines everything, it is poetic but on the edge of something deeper. The track demonstrates a vulnerability but with something driving and immediate to break free from, a sort of desperation to let go of a dragging weight.

This is definitely a band to follow and watch as they ascend, which they are surely bound to do in a short space of time.


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Dana Miller