After an almost three-year break since their second album Cleopatra, The Lumineers are back with a new single.

It seems the American folk band is following a similar pattern from their last album. Back in 2016, they released ‘Ophelia’ as the lead single from their second album. Now they’re going with ‘Gloria’ as the introduction to their highly anticipated third album titled III.

The song follows the typical formula for the band. The acoustic guitars drive the track while the light piano melody sits in the background. Lead singer Wesley Schultz’s voice is uplifting but he truly shines when he starts wailing in the chorus. Fans of the band’s first two albums will find ‘Gloria’ sits comfortably within their discography.

In terms of lyrics, the song explores the complicated relationship between an addict and a loved one. The narrator watches someone delve deeper into addiction without being able to help them. When the chorus hits, the perspective switches to the addict’s and explores their wish for loved ones to worry less. It’s a haunting subject that is handled cleverly with the upbeat instrumentation.

New Album From The Lumineers Anticipation

With the release of this single, The Lumineers are on track to dominate 2019. After cellist Neyla Pekarek left the band in October last year, it seemed like maybe the band would take a break and focus on other projects. Instead, they’re back with new music and a new album ready for release on September 13.

Whether III will follow the band’s previous albums within the folk genre, remains to be seen. Leading up to the release of this single, they shared Twitter posts with the hashtag #whoarethesparks giving an insight into what the album will be about. In a press release, the band explained how this album will be a concept album about a fictitious family known as the Sparks. Split into three emotionally charged sections, each part will detail different moments from the family.

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Vivien Topalovic