Recently, singer-songwriter George Ezra gave an interview to The Daily Telegraph, in which he disclosed that he is contemplating a fresh start away from the spotlight. Furthermore, the ‘Shotgun’ star said:”This might be a conversation for another time, but I don’t feel an urge or want to continue operating in the way we do at the minute. And that’s not a rebellion, it’s just how I feel. Like, ‘Cool, that was a thing.”

“The last date lands around April next year. Then it’s festival season, then it’s my 30th, and you think, ‘Well, what an amazing decade. But don’t kid yourself into thinking that’s all life could be.'”

“My needs and wants in life are maybe less than others. I want to live like I live now… In a village, maybe have a little studio, work nine-to-five writing. I don’t know, on the question of finances, it’s probably a no. If you’re not earning anything, it’s just a stockpile that’s going down.”

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