Halsey is not mad anymore, well that is according to her release ‘I’m Not Mad’. The fresh single appears to have been released earlier this year but is making the rounds once again thanks to its inclusion in Spotify’s new music playlist.

The singer grips us like never before on this new piece and ‘I’m Not Mad’ is a post break up record which comes with a potent flavour. Halsey sings about a topic close to heart, giving us a clear insight into her emotional headspace.

It starts with a super sharp guitar melody which leads us into the perfect vocal from Halsey. She sings with an irresistible tone, and she charms her way forward with conviction. So who is the subject of her track? Well, she has had a few high profile relationships. Therefore, it could be any of them from YungBlud to G-Eazy, who knows?


Musically, ‘I’m Not Mad’ comes with a contemporary pop direction. But, the singer boasts a rock foundation too with a thunderous drum beat and a thumping bass texture. Also, the structure is ingenious; it does not follow a pattern which you may come to expect from a modern pop hit. Instead, it is unorthodox with a variety of new styles popping to the forefront of the mix.

For me, I am falling in love with this track. So much so, I am surprised I have not come across it before. Also, I reckon a lot of you have already heard it, have you? I feel like the late arriver to the party. Nevertheless, I am glad that I found it later than never.

You can take a listen to ‘I’m Not Mad’ by Halsey below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to her release by commenting on our social media accounts below.

Emily Harris