Aloe Blacc returns with his new single ‘All Love Everything’. The singer who found worldwide success with ‘I Need A Dollar’ pushes himself more in-depth into the history books with his new delivery.

The new track kicks off with a nostalgic feel with a sound which reminds me of the sounds popping out in the soul game decades previous. Aloe then rises to the top of the mix with an influential vocal performance. He proves his power instantly, and he does not hold back with him heading straight into his most potent range.


As the track progresses, a smooth rhythm jumps out with a melodic beat. It grips us in even firmer with its nail-biting texture. Also, it follows a similar style to the ‘I Need A Dollar’ release. So much so, having compared both of the hits closely, there is not too much difference between them. However, the track comes across in a unique light, and no one will ever think its a replica. For me, that proves how strong the vocal is as it gives Aloe a whole new dimension.

Vocally, Aloe is on fire. He sings with an intense passion, and I can feel his emotion dripping all over the mix. He sings about a topic which is relatable also. As a result, I imagine many will be resonating with his powerful lyricism. It is a love story, but it does not come as you may expect with him often blending sharp melodies with softer tones which I doubt you will hear elsewhere.

Overall, Aloe Blacc is one of the most incredible hip hop and soul singers of recent times, and his new single proves it. Also, this new release is just one of many gems on his new album of the same title.

You can take a listen to ‘All Love Everything’ by Aloe Blacc below.

Emily Harris