Hard-Fi are back after a ten-year hiatus with their latest single, “Don’t Go Making Plans,” the lead track from their forthcoming EP of the same name. The Richard Archer-fronted indie band has reemerged with a summery banger that simultaneously serves as a protest song addressing the tensions between police and public demonstrators in the UK.

“A song you can still dance to in a club or play on the radio,” is how Richard described the track emphasizing its potential to resonate despite its provocative message. He elaborates, “Governments passing laws to stop protests that ’cause more than minor disruption feels like something out of a dystopian film. The whole point of protest is disruption. You’re trying to interrupt the inevitable flow of things, to encourage the people running the country to think again, especially when you have a government that doesn’t seem to be bothered by what people actually need.”

The full EP, “Don’t Go Making Plans,” is to come out on November 1, coinciding with a 10-date UK headline tour.

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George Millington