Oh no Hayley, Why Why Why? Another one of my favourite singers who has decided to try and replicate Billie Eilish. For Pete’s sake, singers! You are original; you were here a long time before Billie rose onto the scene, we do not need another Eilish, we have her! We want Hayley Williams. Please go back to your original sound!

Rant aside, ‘Find Me Here‘ is a sturdy track but yet it does not give enough innovation for me to warrant it a powerful hit. It sounds too generic in the 2020 norm, and it adds nothing new to the table. Had it come out a few years ago, I would have been writing a completely different review. Why? Because a few years ago, this type of music was barely popular. It was around though, and Imogen Heap was probably the first innovator although not often recognised for kicking off this trend.


Musically, ‘Find Me Here‘ boasts a gentle texture which fills me with warmth. It has a condensed structure which is quite the opposite of Hayley’s other projects, and she shines in a different light when comparing her to the alternative image she has created in Paramore. For me, I relish the guitar melody. It has a folky cadence, and it flows nicely to the rhythm of the vocals.

Nevertheless, for me, it will always come back to the originality issue. It just doesn’t stick like Hayley’s previous releases, it is still good, but there is something not right about it? Maybe you will share a completely different opinion.

You can take a listen to ‘Find Me Here‘ by Hayley Williams below. Also, be sure to let us know your feedback to this release on our social media accounts. As always, we love to hear your thoughts and opinion.

Emily Harris