‘Over Yet’ is the new stand out track from Hayley Williams. The singer found success in the highly popular rock band ‘Paramore’. Also, I can genuinely say that a show I saw of them at Leeds Festival back in 2014 was probably the best gig I have seen. Therefore, it always excites me to see a new track from Paramore or even just Hayley Williams.

In all fairness to Hayley, she has established a successful solo career on her own. She has collaborated with the worlds greatest artists over the years and is now back with ‘Over Yet’.

For me, this one sounds very dissimilar to her other tracks. Also, it is quite a long way away from her Paramore sound. Yet, there is the signature sound which so many love audible in various places. ‘Over Yet’ is more of a pop release and it would not sit out of place on a shelf of pop greats. I can hear a HAIM influence and also a Taylor Swift vibe along the way too. But, it goes down a unique path with us witnessing a new direction from the 31-year-old.


Vocally, it does not always sound like the same Hayley Williams. If you had played this to me without telling me who it was, I would never in a million years said it was her. But, I like that she is trying something new. It kicks off with a sublime vocal and a tight beat and infectious melody. The chorus has a real summer vibe to it, and you can easily close your eyes and imagine yourself driving around on a summer day with the roof down.

Lyrically, it is secure, and it has the power to grip you and leave you itching to click the replay button. Great work, Hayley. Keep them coming, though, yeah?

George Millington