Yes, you heard it right. Lindsay Lohan has a new single out, and it is her first in 15 years. The track also does not sound that far away from 2005 with a contemporary yet nostalgic vibe to it.

The actress is most known for being an actress. She has starred in some of the most popular films of the past few decades, but it appears she wants to have another go at her singing career. From my intuition, I do not recall her music career being that much of success 15 years ago. Nevertheless, I was a lot younger then, and I was not spending my days listening to her ‘A Little More Personal’ album. But, she is picking up where she left off and to be honest, it is pretty good.

‘Back To Me’ appears to be a song about Lohan’s life. Lyrically, Lindsay reminisces about the last few years and insists that she is coming back to herself. Also, it is not much of a secret that she has had her troubles. I will not drag all of that up here, but you do not have to search too far to find a negative story, which is a shame, because she is a massive talent.


Musically, the track takes influence from some of the most famous artists of recent years. However, I have spent quite some time trying to figure out who she sounds like on this record. But I cannot pinpoint it. That for me is a sign of excellent delivery. It is unique and keeps itself in its own corner without joining the herd.

Overall, it is a summer hit; it has all the ingredients to be a banger. However, people sometimes judge before they listen just based on who the person is. But, Lindsay Lohan deserves a look-in here.

You can listen below.

Emily Harris