Hull based Indie rockers Girl Afraid are set to release new track ‘Dutch Courage’ on the 7th Feb 2020 and you need to grab it now whilst its hot!

First we had Hull based LIFE, who took the U.K by storm and now we have Girl Afraid who are storming onto the British Indie scene. Their sound draws influences from the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age to fellow indie new comers ‘Fountains D.C. Nevertheless, they have crafted a remarkably inimitable sound of their very own.

Hull Band Girl Afraid

As its title indicates, ‘Dutch Courage’ oozes confidence from the very start. It’s a hard hitting track with huge drums which would make even the sternest of listeners tap their foot. Also slick guitar riffs which take a new dimension of early indie as well an awe-inspiring vocal from front man Sam Mellors.

Hull band Girl Afraid are taking no hostages with this release. Therefore, if you are seeking the finest catchy indie rock then look no further than ‘Dutch Courage’.

Hull Band Girl Afraid

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