Alda is an Icelandic singer/songwriter who came to the UK over two decades ago in the hope of making it big in the music industry. After spending the first ten years performing in pubs and social clubs around the country whilst making endless demos with her then-husband, Malcolm, she finally had great success with her two hit singles ´Real Good Time´ and ´Girls Night Out´.

Having signed with Wildstar Records (owned by Capital Radio) Alda went on to sell over 5 million records worldwide with her songs hitting the top ten all over the world and receiving a gold disc in the UK as well as double platinum in the US. After selling over 350000 thousand singles in the UK alone Alda’s career came to an abrupt halt as contractual negotiations ended in a bitter feud so she decided to leave music behind as she lost the love for the art she once dedicated her life too.

She has now regained that love and is bringing out a new album called ´Urð – Verðandi – Skuld´, meaning past, present, future.

“I have found new depth and meaning to my life after discovering who I truly am as a person and that is a Norse Pagan and it has brought a brand new inspiration to everything in my life. This album is saying goodbye to the past, acknowledging the present and welcoming the future.” Alda explains.

The lead song of the album is called Cries Of The Heart – Vikings VS Celt´ and tells the saga of a tragic love affair between a Celtic family and a Viking one.

George Millington