‘Frenzy’ by Iggy Pop – Single Rating: 5/5 ★★★★★

Iggy Pop brings the raw rock and roll edge to the vanguard once again with the release of his new single, ‘Frenzy’. Those who take pleasure in music that is direct and packed with the might of rock will find that this one is just what the doctor ordered for their ears.

‘Frenzy starts the way it plans to go on, with guitar chords that tear through the air and fill us with force. Iggy then emerges with a distinctive vocal shortly after. He bestows his quality upon us quickly, and he immediately cuts through the sound with his trademark punch. He knocks us for six with his delivery.

The music is thunderous and has a sound which we could only expect from Iggy. His performance is in peak form, and he doesn’t take any hostages when the guns start blazing in the middle half of the song. All the noises come together to produce a wall of sound that smacks the chops for all the right reasons.

Overall, as far as new rock releases go, this one by Iggy Pop is up there with the most potent. It is fresh yet full of Iggy’s trademark charisma. Also, it leads a new route forward for not only Iggy but the genre as a whole!

You can take a listen to the new single ‘Frenzy’ by Iggy Pop below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts on this new release by commenting beneath this article. As always, we love to hear your feedback. So, do you think that this is one of the best new releases from Iggy Pop? Also, what is your favourite song of all time by Iggy?

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Emily Harris