Inhaler return with new single ‘Fallin In’. The Irish band are on fire with their music. They are taking the world by storm, and they have the fresh indie sound which many of us have been craving for quite some time.

They have a pretty distinct sound with killer vocals and super cool music. ‘Inhaler’ is a very catchy release which I have been playing on repeat now for many hours before this review. I cannot get enough of it. You may know this already, but the lead singer of the band is Bono’s son. He sounds strikingly similar to his father. They have the same style which you would probably expect seen as they are family.


Their new track has an edge which I do not hear a lot these days. They introduce various sounds which makes it an enjoyable listen. Also, if you love U2, you will probably like this one too. Nevertheless, they are no replica of the singer’s dad’s band, and they bring unique qualities to the music scene. The band formed back in 2012 in Ireland and are making giant leaps with their music. Mind you it probably helps that they are so close to one of the biggest rock bands the world has ever seen.

‘Fallin In’ kicks off with a strong intro before a sublime vocal performance from Elijah Hewson. At the start, I could hear a Strokes influence. Very similar style but then the vibe changes and we go more into a U2 realm with snappy guitar riffs and an elongated vocal. Overall, their sound is huge and anthemic, which is going to fast track their career for sure. They are also getting a huge leg up, which will see them become a household name very quickly. They were on the bill for Noel Gallaghers Manchester show which is going to be pretty colossal.

You can listen to their new release below.

Emily Harris