Foster The People are a band who unleash the goods time and time again. You only need to look back through their discography to hear how powerful their sound is.

With unusual vocals and bizarre but thrilling music, the band never disappoint. Their new single ‘Lamb’s Wool’ is no exception. I first heard it on New Music Friday and have been playing it lots ever since. It gets going with a harrowing piano intro which suddenly hits the mix with a bang. We are then in with a strong rhythm section and a heavenly divine vocal from frontman Mark Foster.

The LA Pop band keep getting better with every release. They are a pop dream with a sound which replicates nobody else. They are in the space of their own, and their blue ocean strategy is working with them finding a clear niche. I always get excited when Foster The People drop a hit, and I could not help but get behind ‘Lamb’s Wool’. I am trying to find something wrong with it to make this review a little more gritty. But, there is hardly anything not to like about it.


We even hear a psychedelic and arcade-like keys track playing at times which makes the track even more imaginative. It has plenty of ideas. Imagine the song as artwork, and it would be full of colour. There are heaps amounts of variety in this release. Each section is different, and it is impossible to feel like you are listening to something boring. Also, the charisma and energy which the four-piece deliver is awe-inspiring, and one which I am sure is going to resonate well with their loyal fan base.

You can check out the new single from Foster The People below. Also, let us know your thoughts to their release on our social media accounts.

George Millington