We recently had the sincere pleasure to sit down with the lovely Rothwell and chat about the origins for her music, the back stories for some of her songs, the highlights of the year and what lies ahead for this truly gorgeous artist, inside and out.

How do you tend to find material for your music?
I’ve always just written from experience and about my life. As clichéd as it is, I find song writing really cathartic and good for the soul. It feels like a kind of therapy, if you will. There’s just the added element of danger of people hearing your inner feelings and thoughts when songs get released. Love it.

What is the story behind songs like ‘Stop Calling’ and ‘Velvet Heart’?
They’re different stories. They’re based on things I’ve been through. I’m really lucky to have been working with Tim Powell on all my recent releases! We have a great creative relationship where we’re able to be create what we want even if it’s a bit weird and wonderful.

How did you find supporting Justin Bieber?
I was singing with guys called the Knocks who are incredible. It was a crazy experience.

Who do you listen to for inspiration?
I honestly listen to everything. I’m a big big fan of my ‘Discover weekly’ playlist on Spotify and really love discovering new artists, a couple being LEON, Oli Fox, Georgia. But I’ve always got room for classics like Paul Simon, Billie Holiday etc.

Can you tell us a bit about your new music coming out soon you mentioned recently?
I’m just so so excited to be putting these songs out in the world. I’ve had the best time writing them and feel like I’ve truly been able to express myself and create work I’m really proud of. Watch this space, 2019 imma comin’ for ya!

There has been so much loving support, from your fans and media, you must be really proud of that…
It’s so strange. It’s the best thing ever, honestly every comment I get and every conversation I have with someone who supports my music warms my cockles.

You have had an amazing year, what were the highlights for you?
I think the festivals I got to play this year were absolutely unforgettable. I’ve loved travelling around the UK and some bits of Europe meeting all kinds of people and playing wicked shows. I’ve got to say, im pretty chuffed with my song appearing on Love Island. I’m such a die hard fan so that was very exciting haha.


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Photos Courtesy of ©PremiumPhotographic

Dana Miller