We recently sat down with the Spitfires to discuss all things music and how the process has been for them as a band and how the new album came together.

What brought you together as a band?
I suppose being mates firstly. I was looking for a band and I asked Sam to play bass just because he liked the same music and the same clothes. I don’t think he’d even played a bass before. Then we were introduced to Matt by a mutual friend and the band was formed.

Your music is a bit of a mash up of rock and ska with a few other things mixed in, how did you land on that output as your style?
It’s just a mix of all the stuff we listen to I suppose. Bit of punk, bit of reggae, soul, ska etc. It just naturally all comes together for us.

How did you arrive at the title, Year Zero, and what is its significance to the material?
I heard an interview with Joe Strummer where he said leaving the 101ers and joining The Clash was like Year Zero and he had to disown his past. Which I thought was a great concept cos us as band felt like we were starting again. George had replaced Chris and we felt like we were pushing boundaries with the songs.

Do you think that you will always fall into this sort of genre or do you see yourselves on a constant evolution?
I really hope we’d never fall into any sort of genre. I believe musically we can achieve whatever we want.

How was the process of gathering new music for this album? Was it something that was quite organic?
It was track by track really. I was concentrating on each song individually and trying to get the best out of it. Which I think shows on the album.

You have many dates scheduled for this tour, any in particular that are a focus for you?
23 UK & Ireland I think? No they’ve all got to be as good as each other. London is a bit different as it’s the closest we get to a hometown gig.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us!

Dana Miller