I had a chance to chat again with the lovely and perfectly colourful band Sphynx from Austin, Texas about their recent tour in the UK, recent news, and the exciting year ahead.

Hi Guys, so great to have the chance to chat again! How are you all? How was your visit to the UK? Any highlights?

Likewise! We’re back in Texas and mostly recovered from the jet lag. This tour was incredible – the crowds were great and we got to play a lot of new venues and further acquaint ourselves with the UK which was a dream. We worked with some great writers & producers and even squeezed in a trip to Stonehenge, all the while on a steady diet of pie and mash!

How do you find UK audiences in compare to US audiences?

On this tour it felt like our audiences were quicker to dance. In the US it can take a little longer sometimes. Maybe it’s because we’re from far away and our UK fans feel the need to seize the moment or maybe it’s the music scene there – whatever the reason it makes touring the UK very fun. There’s an attentiveness and an enthusiasm we get from our audiences there that really inspires us.

I hear you landed a sync for the final episode of Nashville? You must be thrilled about that…

Yes! It was very exciting to hear our music on a TV show like that. We had our favourite local bar okay the episode and watched it live. Our song, ‘Shadow,’ plays during a rather unfortunate scene in the show which was interesting to watch live with friends but it was still a thrill to hear our music played.

You have a new single out in early 2019, ‘Real Magic’, can you tell us a bit about that? And, you are about to shoot the video for that, right?

Yes! We’re really excited about ‘Real Magic,’ we’ve channelled some inspiration from our experiences in the UK and the amazing dance scene there and crafted a Sphynx track we think is a little sleeker and clubbier. The video is a sequel to the ‘Patterns’ music video we just released. In it, we play a space traveling gang who pulls off a mysterious heist. In ‘Real Magic’ video, we’ll be celebrating our success, alien style. It’s going to be a really fun shoot!

What has 2018 been like for you? And, what does the year ahead hold?

We were talking about this the other day and 2018 has definitely been our best yet as a band. Touring internationally is something we’ve been dreaming of doing since forever and having songs placed in TV shows and collaborating with international writers and producers are things we’ve been working towards for a long time. We’re going to keep pushing and have some really cool stuff in the pipeline for 2019 – tons of new music, festival dates, and shows across the UK and Europe!
Have you got any big dates ahead? You are going to be playing the SXSW festival correct?

We’re doing some dates in the US mountain west in February then headed back to Austin for SXSW. We’ll be releasing details about our performance there in early 2019 but it looks like it’s going to be a big one for us!

Look forward to catching up again in the New Year, hopefully at SXSW!

Us too! Yes we hope you can make the trip and that we can catch up at some of your old haunts! We’re always up for tacos & margaritas!


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Dana Miller