Produced by J-LINE and Electropoint (billboard charting), “Stay With Me” is an uptempo electropop track heavily influenced by the late 80s dance sound of Jody Watley, Lisa Lisa and Paula Abdul. 

The visual features J-LINE leading his own version of a 1990s dance workout video, complete with 90s dance moves, class participants and cheesy graphics. Want to learn 1990s funk hip hop dance? You’ve come to the right place! (insert tongue into cheek)

J-LINE says of the lyrical content, “In my life, I’ve always had to fight to be with the person that I loved. Not only have I had to stand up for myself when it came to strangers and their opinions about my relationships, but I also had to stand up to my family and let them know I was going to love who I was gonna love-with or without their approval”

Watch The Video Below

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George Millington