20-year-old singer-songwriter, Jack Carleton, has released his laidback debut single ‘Ringside’, a chilled and catchy track full of evocative lyricism and creativity, lifted from the upcoming ‘Lighthouse’ EP.  It is a pure showcase of all of his clearly innate abilities as a talented songwriter and performer.

Hailing from Edinburgh, Jack uses his music to express the trials and tribulations of addiction with honest, thoughtful lyrics and unique, heartfelt song writing. He writes relatable music confronting insecurities and anxieties, striking a chord with a wide range of listeners. It is music based on the realities of life and the intricacies of the struggles based therein.  What is striking is the frankness with the undercurrent of hope through the metered back beat and slightly husky vocals.  Drawing from influences of soul, folk, funk and hip-hop, Jack’s music is something truly original and the debut single, ‘Ringside’ makes a spectacular first impression and creates a tempting tapestry. It is clear to see that Jack has found the right place to occupy as his music seems to be presented with such ease and quiet knowing.

With silky guitar tones, groovy, slightly funky bass and a beat that makes you want to move from the get-go, ‘Ringside’ is the perfect mellow summer tune to attach to any playlist. Jack delivers his wonderfully creative, yet honest lyrics with soft and calm vocals reminiscent of Jack Johnson.

‘Ringside’, is a stunning debut from Jack Carleton and is sure to impress. With the release of his ‘Lighthouse’ EP coming up, he will certainly be one to watch this year and watch his successes begin to follow.


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FACEBOOK: @JackCarletonMusic
TWITTER: @jackcarleton1
INSTAGRAM: @jackcarleton00

George Millington