Australian indie-rockers The Dizzy Kids have just released their brand new single, ‘Criminal’, an up-tempo guitar driven anthem, lifted from their debut album ‘21’.

The Dizzy Kids were formed by brothers Dizzy and Kid Hudson in the summer of 2018, brought together by their love of old school rock ‘n’ roll and indie music.  Which is plain when you listen to the track, it screams an homage to bands like Green Day and Blink 182.  The band hit the studio as soon as they formed and recorded the self-produced album ‘21’, and it’s clear the inspiration and influence from bands like The Killers, The Strokes, and The Beatles that can be heard from the start.

With its dirty, gritty guitar tones, fast-paced and punch drums driving it along through the strong vocal hooks, ‘Criminal’ is without doubt a single-worthy track.  The track has all of the defiant, muscular efforts in that you would expect and hovers on the edge of the indie-rock and punk genres with ease.  It is rigorous without being overly so and provides an ample blast of noise.  It pulls in the band’s solid influences along with an essence of DIY punk to create a unique sound, which is sure to bring a breath of fresh air and mark their own stamp.  And, with a slight nod to nostalgic punk sounds it will hit the sweet note for any indie-rock fan. 

In a world where many believe that pure guitar music is on its way out, The Dizzy Kids prove that solid rock ‘n’ roll is still very much alive and thriving.  And, with this new, huge single along with a powerful album full of indie-rock anthems from start to finish, this is a guitar lovers’ dream.  This will be even better when heard live! The Dizzy Kids are most definitely ones to watch! 


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George Millington