Jack Whitehall, who will be presenting the BRIT Awards for the fourth year running, spoke to Helen Lamont ahead of the grand event.

Revealing his excitement to host the ceremony again, he said: “I am very excited…it’ll be a significant moment – back in a room with music and songs. We’re putting on a show with key workers in the audience, people who most deserve a night to let their hair down. It will be very special – we will have heroes in the room.”

The comedian also explained how he is getting prepared for the ceremony: “It’s back on the Hollywood diet for me in the run up to The BRITs, having let myself go during lockdown…I’m going full Bloom – Orlando Bloom – in preparation of being back on stage. It’ll have to be brain oil and new oats, whatever it is you need to get that Hollywood physique…There will be training sessions and Peloton rides to be camera ready.”

George Millington