All The Colours Of You‘ by James – Album Rating: 5/5 ★★★★

With their new album ‘All The Colours Of You‘, Manchester indie-rockers James capture us once more. The record showcases the group’s unfailing commitment to songwriting and hooks us from the start.

Zero‘, which opens the album, has a memorable dreamy flow, with vocalist Tim Booth digging deep into his toolkit before returning with treasure. ‘All The Colours Of You‘ follows the opening, and given that it is also the title of the album, it is clear from the start that it will be a pleasure, and it does not disappoint. Tim also delivers one of the most riveting vocal performances to hit the indie chart in recent memory. Similarly, the variety of sounds on show produces a soundscape unlike any other.

Diversion From The Madness Of Modern Life

Beautiful Beaches‘, which we previously reviewed, is one of the album’s most popular tracks. It’s a welcome diversion from the madness of modern life; it takes us to a land of serenity and harmony. The music is also powerful, with each band member rising to the occasion.

Miss America‘ brings the album down a notch and takes it down an ethereal road, with a synth blending in flawlessly with Tim’s prolonged vocal delivery. ‘Magic Bus‘ is energising, and it has an edgy electronic vibe that runs throughout the track.

XYST‘, the album’s final track, starts with an indie-tinged guitar rhythm before Tim rises to the top of the mix and offers a thought-provoking storey about being out of luck.

Overall, ‘All The Colours Of You‘ is a tremendous indie summertime listen. It also demonstrates that the group is still as popular as they were decades ago.

You can take a listen to the album below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts on the release by commenting below.

Emily Harris