Johnny Marr and Morrissey were caught in a battle of worlds earlier this year after Morrissey openly demanded Marr stop talking about him in interviews. It appears the quarrel is not easing, with Marr striking out at Morrissey once again and claiming he is simply looking for attention.

Furthermore, speaking recently, Johnny Marr said: “When you’re attacked out of the blue, particularly in public, you have to defend yourself. The letter was designed to be insulting, wasn’t it? That has to have been the idea. If it’s something that’s not based in fact, you have to react in kind, which is just… with ridicule.”

“Look, it was about [his wanting] attention, and I’m getting a lot of it. I’ve got my new record coming out, and that’s getting attention too. All my solo records have. I just do what I do. I’ll just carry on being who I am.”

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