Julia Thomsen’s new soundtrack, ‘Wonderness,’ brings classical feel-good vibes to the forefront. Although it isn’t the summer season just yet, this piece exudes a warm aura that glows brilliantly like a beam in the scorching sun.

The new treasure, which only came out recently, is already making the rounds in the classical and chill sectors, and it’s easy to see why. A bright shine emanates from the production, and the charming aura it creates instantly catches the senses. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with an unbeatable ambience that will have you hooked!

As the title suggests, this is a wonderful release from the award-winning composer who resides in the UK. It begins as it intends to continue, with the piano kicking things off with zeal! Julia quickly builds up the tune, leaving no opportunity for dissonance with her unique structure coming to life as the composition progresses. Also, it never becomes monotonous, despite the mix remaining pretty similar as it progresses.

If you’re familiar with Julia’s previous work, you’ll be mindful of the reflection of nature that her compositions create; this one is no exception! It’s emotive, with a hook that tears at your heartstrings. It also adds a fresh dimension to the genre with a sound that deviates from the norm. In addition, Julia’s passionate delivery allows us all to escape the frenzy of today’s world.

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Emily Harris