Here is the real reason Kanye became an alcoholic.

Kanye West is one of the most notable rappers of his generation. It is not only his avant-garde approach to music which people love, but also many of us like to find out what he is going to say or do next.

Let’s face it; he is also one of the most controversial musicians to grace the stage. Possibly, because he is a musician who craves the attention, it keeps him in the limelight, and he is a master at getting the media to talk about him. His life also looks incredible, he is married to one of the most prominent female celebrities on the planet, he has a highly successful music career, and he is incredibly rich. But, it is not all roses for the star.

Furthermore, in a new interview, the ‘Stronger’ rapper reflects on how he fell into a mental breakdown. Also, he opens up about why he became an alcoholic. It was back when a few of his records did not make it into the album of the year awards. The impact of being flung out meant that Kanye would spend his mornings supping vodka.


The alcoholism also meant that he could not go a day without having a drink from the bottle. It got so bad that the megastar threw it to the curb having realised that he was falling into a dark trap. Speaking about that point in time, he compared it to the character Ryan Reynolds plays in Deadpool.

Wow, so even the worlds most successful musicians struggle too with rejection. But, in my opinion, this is a little extreme. I mean, just because his records did not make the top spot, it threw him into addiction? Well, I can understand his music is very close to his heart, but when you reach his level, you need to grow a thick skin for criticism, surely. Stay well though Kanye.

So there we go, this is the real reason Kanye became an alcoholic.

Emily Harris