This weekend, we saw celebrities writing history with stand out performances for ‘One World: Together At Home’. It makes us spoilt for choice this morning on who to write about first. There are loads of pointers to talk about after this weekend. But, one stand out performance for us is Taylor Swift.

Swifty always rises to the occasion. It is not to say the others didn’t too, but her performance of ‘Soon You’ll Get Better’ is a true testament of the times we are currently going through. The track is from her seventh studio album, and for us, this could be the soundtrack for the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can hear the emotion in her performance. She struggles to sing it at times with her vocals resonating to millions globally. If you have not seen her performance yet, then I recommend watching it now. The track is strikingly poignant. As a result, it is hard not to shed a tear.

It is not just Taylor, though who got the world feeling emotional. Every artist who took time out of their self-isolation did incredibly well. I can genuinely say that there is not a single performance which does not deserve credit.

Lady Gaga

Another highlight is Lady Gaga, who sang a moving version of ‘Smile’. The singer who put together the event deserves heaps amounts of credit for putting together the spectacular event which we all needed during these unprecedented times. If you are feeling lonely, then you can be assured that everyone is standing by one another. We are all in this together. Regardless of celebrity status, social division or background, we will all get through this together by supporting one another. Now is a time to unite more than ever before and good times will come again very soon. We all need to hang in there.

George Millington