Kanye West is never far away from the headlines. Even his new Lamborghini has caused a backlash due to it apparently being the ‘worlds most hideous Lamborghini’.

The car which is a custom Lamborghini Urus SUV was recently purchased by Kanye West for his family with Kim Kardashian. However since it was revealed, it has received a negative response from some of the worlds best car experts who have called it “over-the-top,” “a mockery,” “a pimped up German taxi“, the world’s most hideous Lamborghini, and just generally ugly.

The new whip appears to have got a mixed reaction online. With one Instagram user commenting “That’s joint is straight Pimpin. Subdued, elegant, sophisticated, stylish, and pure 2019. Kanye isn’t just a genius beat maker, but he’s also a genius clothing designer, interior designer, and of course now Automotive accessories designer”.

Another said “I think it’s cool and fits his personality. ?”. We believe they are insinuating it is boring, because it is not the most exciting car is it?

The price for the car starts at $200,000. However Kanye has added $10,000 worth of upgrades.

Moreover, do you like the car and do you think it is worth its expensive price tag? Have your say be leaving a comment below.

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George Millington