Katie Melua first got my attention back in 2005 with her release ‘Nine Million Bicycles’ (by heck, where did that time go?). Since then, I have been following the singer’s journey closely, and she has gone from strength to strength with each release captivating and cementing her deeper into the history books.

Luckily, and just at the perfect time, I received her new track ‘A Love Like That’. From the first listen, I found myself mesmerised, and Katie had me fastened into my seat from the get-go. It starts with an orchestral instrumental with a James Bond soundtrack vibe. We are then in with a sublime vocal performance from the stunning singer. Articulating clever lyricism, Katie hits home with genuine passion and confidence, which is hard not to relish.


Vocally, Katie never disappoints; you only need to look back through her backlog for testament. But, here she enthrals more than ever before with her infectious melody lines and heavenly signature qualities poking out from the tightly put together mix. The chorus truly stands out on this piece with the singer charming with each word she delivers.

‘A Love Like That’ is taken from Katie’s upcoming new album ‘Album No 8’, which is going to hit stores globally on the 16th of October. But, the excitement does not stop there. The visuals have also come up for this track, and they are astounding. The video is a short film which sums the record up perfectly and bonds its meaning even more profoundly.

Overall, if this track is anything to go by, then expect treasure with the rest. It comes with plenty of flavours, and it will leave you itching for more. You can listen to ‘A Love Like That’ by Katie Melua below. Also, let us know your thoughts to the release on our social media accounts.

George Millington