Nothing But Thieves are back with a whack. I first met the group in an indie basement many years ago in Yorkshire. Back then, they were relatively unknown, and I believe there was only a few in attendance that night. I bet many are wishing that had bought a ticket though because only a few months after that night, they took off like wildfire.

The band have become a sensation over the last few years and their new track ‘Real Love Song’ is testament to their unpardonable quality. It has an authentic guitar rock vibe which stays true to their signature sound. Kicking off with a slowly hit snare hit, the band are soon in with all guns blazing. Following the short intro is a killer vocal performance from frontman Conor Mason. He sings with allure, and his tone and articulation captivate. An infectous guitar lead dripping with effect then plays out and becomes the hook of the track delighting with its sharp sound.

Smash Hit

‘Real Love Song’ builds remarkably well, in the chorus we hear the lads smashing it with a chorus which will stick to you like chewy on the bottom of your boot. It slows towards the latter but then excites again with a colossal ending.

Overall, the band are one of the most refreshing guitar rock bands in recent times. I knew back when I saw them that they had the flair to take them to the masses, and they have done just that. But, they are not slowing. As a result, they are getting even more prominent with every release. Also, their sound is amplifying into an anthemic cocktail of all things fabulous.

You can listen to ‘Real Love Song’ by Nothing But Thieves below. Also, let us know your thoughts to their new release by commenting on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris