We wrote about Katy Perry becoming pregnant earlier this week, and it was a massive surprise to loyal Perry fans. As a result, thousands of people are in love with the idea of Katy becoming a mother.

However, since we published our article, it has now been revealed by Katy that her relationship with Orlando Bloom does come with testing moments. Furthermore, the ‘Never Worn White’ singer spoke to Ryan Seacrest where she said.

“I have consciously or unconsciously picked a partner that makes sure I keep evolving into the best version of myself.”

“There’s a lot of friction between my partner and I, but that friction breeds something beautiful, it can breed a lot of light,” she continued.

“It’s just one of those relationships. I don’t know about anyone else who’s listening what kind of relationships they’ve had – and I’ve had many – but it’s like we basically, we get down to the matt and come back up every time,” she added.

Well, it sounds like a healthy relationship to me. It would be strange if it were perfect all the time. Also, the majority of couples have testing moments like this. So, I think you are going to be all good Katy.


Also, Katy has hinted that a wedding may be on the cards very soon. She speaks of this in the lyrics of her song. However, they may now delay their marriage due to the recent Coronavirus fear. But, we expect it to be anytime this year or next year.

What are your thoughts on Katy Perry becoming a mother for the first time? Also, are you a fan of her new release? Have your say by leaving a comment below.

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George Millington