Lewis Capaldi is everywhere at the moment and for a good reason. The Scot penned one of the greatest hits in the last ten years with ‘Someone You Loved’. It is only fair he gets the recognition he deserves.

He is a talent for sure. So much so that he can now give away tracks he writes which he will most likely not persue. As a result, singers far and wide will be itching to have a bit of the cake. Especially having seen the success he has had in such a short space of time.

The first artist to benefit from his ridiculously strong songwriting is Rita Ora. Rita is not exactly new on the scene, and she does not need any more songwriters, having also seen tremendous success. But, who would turn down the chance to have one of Capaldi’s masterpieces?

How To Be Lonely

Furthermore, Lewis wrote a song for her called ‘How To Be Lonely. The song is coming out on Friday 13th March. I am sure it is going to be an instant hit.

Many people will be asking why is Lewis writing for other people when he should be concentrating on his second album? Well, he is starting to think about his next album. But he is out on the road at the moment and he has not had time to sit down in the studio to record new material. Plus, if the songs he is writing for others are astounding, then imagine how great his second album is going to be.

If this does do well Rita, let’s not forget it was Lewis Capaldi who put it together. After all, it is often the case that songwriters do not get the recognition they deserve. After all, think of ‘Angel’s’ by Robbie Williams, I doubt you think of Guy Chambers, who also wrote it with Robbie.

Emily Harris