Kolten Kirschke hails from Sherman, Texas, where he works as a singer, actor, and dancer. He called by to have a chat with Colby.

Colby: Hello Kolten, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak to us. You have solid acting credits to your name playing Clifford in Magic Max, a role on Quantum Force and a guest star on Nickelodeons, Drop That Seat, but you are also a highly skilled vocalist and musician. Do you find that being an actor has enabled you to excel in music? Or do you see them as separate entities? 

Kolten: Absolutely! Appreciate it. Acting definitely came first but as a dancer I have always loved music so training as an entertainer just kinda felt like the next step and came naturally. Over the years I have learned to balance them so I see them as separate entities unless an acting audition calls for singing it’s a plus. Acting consumes a lot of time so when I’m not working on a project I focus on my music and the balance keeps me busy and moving forward in both areas. Entertaining and the stage is everything I love them both!

Colby: You first got into entertainment at a young age, at five years old, I believe? Have you always known that this was your chosen path? Or have you ever fancied delving into another field? 

Kolten: Since I begged my parents for this career at such a young age, I do believe I found and knew my calling at an early age. I have always loved to entertain but I do train in other areas and other fields in my downtime. When I’m not working or training coding, technology, and of course gaming is a huge part of my life as well. Some people would say it’s too much but for me as long as I love doing it the balance is perfect.

Colby: Your music has been taking off amongst the pop community, but which track of yours means the most to you and why? 

Kolten: Probably “Rewind” because it’s my latest release and reflects my life and the people in it currently.

Colby: Do you plan to release any more new music in 2021? 

Kolten: Yes! Actually you can catch my latest release “Rewind” check it out in the link below and follow my Spotify for more songs!

Colby: Lastly, and a random question, if you could have any superpower, what would it be and why? 

Kolten: Superspeed – I could get more done, travel the world, and time would slow down.

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